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Yay Friday! - I write sins not tragedies
July 30th, 2010
09:37 am


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Yay Friday!
It's finally Friday! All the days blend together anymore because of the ridiculously changing schedule at Target. I really can't wait to get a teaching job and be done with Target. It's an okay job...but some of the managers are beyond serious b/c this is all they have. They never point out the good things, only acknowledging what needs to be fixed or isn't looking good. That's not how you keep your workers motivated. I hope the manager figured that out last night when I was pretty much a bitch to her all night. She was constantly up my ass and was just rude about everything. I can't deal with that. Unfortunatley, I can't get many students privately to say goodbye to the place. Oh well, school starts in a month and I'll be back to just Fri, Sat, and Sun. That's when they'll be hurting and be missing me and some other of my friends there that work hard and have school.

Today's weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! Low humidity, low temperature.......I'll get to enjoy the end of the day when I'm done work at 7. Ken has the whole weekend off :-) but I'll be working all of it :-(

I'm excited, next Friday is our friends Davey and Emily's wedding!! It's at the Inn surrounded by woods just outside of Philly. It looks really cool. I was able to find a dress and undergarments andd only paid $34...major sale score. haha That's about it really, my clarinet is good. I need to order some new solos...I need a change from etudes, exercises, and excerpts. Ken set up a beach weekend for my birthday!! I'm so excited about it. We didn't get to go to Rehoboth this summer so I'm amped. That beach is so nice, has great food, and has Dogfish Head brewery and brew pub!! YUM all over :-)

Thattttttttttttttttttt's it

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