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Good deal. - I write sins not tragedies
August 19th, 2010
01:20 pm


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Good deal.
Sooooooooooooooooooo....I passed Praxis II Music content knowledge!!!! I was worried because I only felt confident that I got half of the questions right. I got a 172! I needed a 158 because that's PA's requirement. So now I can apply to jobs in NJ, PA, DE, and MD. I know there is one extra praxis that n eeds to be taken for PA, but I haven't figured out what it is yet. I need to research that. I'm going to save that test for in the Spring. I'm just excited that I can student teach next fall. I'm getting closer to being done.

Besides that, I'm tired of target. Only 1.5 weeks left until school then it's just back to weekends there. i'm hoping to find something different for the spring so I can qui-zit that place. If I can get my classes down to 2 days a week and put my name as a sub in a bajillion different school districts hopefully I'd be able to get 3 days of subbing a week which would be enough to say "Goodbye!" to Target.

Ken has an interview for the Director position he applied for! It's really good news! Hopefully he blows them away and he gets the jobby.

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