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Minor update - I write sins not tragedies
November 3rd, 2010
08:36 am


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Minor update
The election was interesting yesterday....split government. Either this will force people to work together or there is going to be a lot more hate for government because they won't budge. I'm still not too sure about the tea party. I listened to Rand Paul's speech from last night. He talks about the people creating jobs and taking responsibility for themselves...I do agree with this. However, he then said that we need to remove government from creating jobs. Maybe it's me being an A-hole, but didn't government create Mr. Rand's position some 200+ years ago? So should Mr. Rand not accept his new position because government created it? If FDR didn't create programs like Social Security with his New Deals would we have gotten out of the Depression? I dunno. I think people forget government is in place to oversee and step in when neccessary, the parents if you will. That's just my thought...There's a bajillion other opinions as well.

On a better note, Ken and I are MOVING!!!! It's official. On Dec. 15, were out of Dad's house and moving to a nice apt. in Delaware. We are being magically swept away to...Delaware. It's pretty exciting news. Maria has been back for two weeks and it is stressful in the house. Dad snaps at her everyday for something and she's touching all our Stuff. Yesterday dad told her keep the drapes closed downstairs because some houses were broken into a few streets over. Ken and I have all of our worldly possessions downstairs s if she opens the shades for all to see I'm gonna be pretty pissed. She just doesn't listen well sometimes...most of the time. So that's another reason to be excited to be out. We're counting down...43 days!

But that's it for now. Maybe I'll keep with my plan and update more frequently. We shall see.

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