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Saturday Saturday - I write sins not tragedies
June 18th, 2011
12:17 pm


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Saturday Saturday
It's Saturday and I'm trying to avoid getting in the shower. If I get in the shower, then I have to get ready for work....and I don't want that. Summer time at Target has been okay so far. I'm tired of being tried to be put into my duties when I don't want that. I think the manager feels that if they do that I'll stay when I'm done school. That is not going to happen. That will only happen if I cannot find enough subbing days to keep me afloat.

I have one placement set for student teaching. During the second half of the semester I will be at Delsea Regional HS. I know I will be taking over the band ASAP and then slowly taking over theory and the music technology course. The co-op is very nice and laid back. In TNL B, we were at his class for three weeks. I had a good rapport with the students when conducting. It makes me feel a little more confident about teaching there. Still a little scared though. My elementary placement was mailed on Thursday. It's waiting at my dad's for me to pick it up. I'll find out on Monday when I have a day off. To tag on to this school talk, the financial aid office let me know that I've maxed out my undergraduate loans...so now I need to find another way to pay for this semester. I tried Sallie Mae and they said no unless I get a co-signer. I do not want to put my mom in that situation. THere's the NJClass loan that I'll try. My mom got money through them before. Hopefully I can get the funds so I can finish my school time out and finally grow up.

Practicing has been lacking extremely. I feel guilty when I don't. I just feel exhausted after work/ feel like there's so much to take care of in the apartment before work. My goal is to make the time for practicing. I have to get over the fear of bothering the neighbors in the apartment. I practice at noon or 1pm. They should be awake. Have plenty of excerpts to practice, but I'd like some more real rep. That is all.

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