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I've lost some weight since trying to eat better and stay more… - I write sins not tragedies
June 29th, 2011
09:01 am


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I've lost some weight since trying to eat better and stay more diligent on exercising. It's pretty dang excited. I wore my belt yesterday and I can put it at the 4th notch easily! I'm making my way back to that 5th notch. I'm not going crazy over losing weight this time. I went a month without weighing myself and felt okay. The elliptical we bought broke....after 4 months. I'm not trying to deal with it because it's a piece of s***. I got it off walmart.com. I should have known better. For now, I'm using the apartment's little gym. It's nice and fine for now. I only bought an elliptical because I like to work out in the morning and when I need to be leaving by 6am I have to get up at 4am and the apt. gym isn't open then. Dad has an extra NordicTrak that he is going to give me. I used it while at it house and it helped me lose weight the first time so I'm going back to it.

Ken and I are starting to look at houses. He's over the apt. and the neighbors that are loud and have a dog that barks for hours when they leave (which is happening right now at 8:59am...it's been going on since 8:30am). It's a tough situation because we want to complain, but he works with this lady. It's really lame. So we're looking around. There are some nice townhouses and a few houses that we can afford. We have a down payment sitting in the bank so that will help. It's all pretty exciting stuff. Hopefully we can find something good.

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